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This is a very rare and heartwarming film that goes inside a privately financed Russian boys orphanage. It's one of the final works by the Baikal Azov Crimea film groups and was an attempt, along with Boy Of Baghdad and Boys Of Beslan, to reach a legit art house demographic in the west. Mainly in the USA and the UK. While the fact that homeless children is a major issue for all nations, this film helps put in to an understandable perspective, the scope of this issue in Russia. As you see the hope and good nature and determination that exists in these special boys, it reminds us of what is good, beautiful and clean and perfect in the world... And also what really deserves our attention and support. The boys in this film are a shining example of hope and decency for the future of Russia. They are boys that are very proud of who they are and of our Russian homeland and they carry the hopes and dreams of all who have worked and sacrificed everything for the sake of their liberty and future. This film is an unusual film to come out of the naturist production companies of Russia and Eastern Europe since the fall. It is not a naturist film and contains NO nudity, but it is filmed and presented in real time and without scripting of any kind. It's sad that Baikal, Azov, Crimea and Pacific Sun ran out of money and support from their legit artists before lack of finance and legalities caused total collaps for all of them. Still, there are several of their later legit theatrical releases that have endured and seem to still have a fair amount of support from fans and from film historians/critics in America, England and France. God's Little Angels is one of those films. In it's genre, few films of this nature have ever been better. In it's own right, it's a masterpiece! If you have a chance to see it, it's a very touching piece of cinema.COMMANDMENTS TO LIVE AND PROGRESS BY~~CELEBRATE THE POWER OF PICTURE AND SOUND - LIVE THE GLORY OF REVOLUTION - FREELY SHARE THE POWER OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION - EMBRACE THE JOYFULL, CLEANER, MORE PERFECT NATURE OF SIN - RISE ABOVE THE IGNORANCE AND HATRED OF RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY - CELEBRATE THE DIVERSITY OF THE HUMAN CONDITION - CELEBRATE THE BEAUTY OF FILTH AND VIOLENCE - LEARN FROM THE POWER OF TRUTH AND PHILOSOPHY - WORSHIP BEAUTY - SHOW GRATITUDE FOR FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, SPEECH AND ACTIONS - SUBSCRIBE HTTP://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/TRUTHJUNKIEMIKAELPLEASE sub my personal channel http://www.youtube.com/TruthJunkieMikael for my popular original series The All Mixed Up Symphony Of Images and where I will be sharing trailers, clips and vlogs with the purpose of celebrating only the most important films, issues and subcultures from around the world. All original and non-original material on this channel is shared with a NON-PROFIT intended purpose. I share these videos because of my love for them and because of the importance of the messages and social responsibility they promote. If you find some of these subjects controversial and against your personal standards, then leave and let other people live in peace. If you find yourself enormously offended by the ideas and content of this channel, it's your fault for embracing a ridiculously narrow minded view of the human condition. LIKES FAVS SHARES COMMENTS and making TJM your favourite choice for news about the best cinema, most beautiful art and most important social issues will be very appreciated and will be a testament to how much smarter and better looking you are compared to lesser minds who are incapable of independent philosophical reasoning. My other Youtube channelshttp://www.youtube.com/TruthJunkieMikaelhttp://www.youtube.com/MikeLesMiserableshttp://www.youtube.com/russiankino024420http://www.youtube.com/CinemaNuovo321http://www.youtube.com/Bergman420Philosophyhttp://www.youtube.com/EuroCinematographhttp://www.youtube.com/CinemaAsia420http://www.youtube.com/FranceCinemagraphhttp://www.youtube.com/420musicfan024http://www.youtube.com/AllMixedUpMusikFane

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