Выращивание клубники в теплице #3 клубника в теплицах klubnika virashivanie video virashivanie v теплицe

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Выращивание клубники в теплице для тех- кто только пробует себя в огородничестве. Данное видео не преследует коммерцию, это лишь видео зарисовки того что у меня получается или нет в выращивании этой прелестной ягоды своими руками.Выращивание клубники в теплице часть 3"Growing Strawberries" part of the number 3, the first harvest. Hi all, I am with you again Yuriy Dmitriev. In this program, I want to make out with you that I have made mistakes when planting strawberries. Why now? Because today is exactly two months since I planted strawberries remotantny grade neutral day "Flora". I want to see what I got, how many strawberries I gathered and talk about the mistakes that I made a landing. Strawberries have just started to bear fruit, it has almost all the flowers or blossoming stage. The first thing I want to draw your attention to the fact that I have too narrow rows, there is little aisle. Sam strawberry number I = 60 cm, 40 cm between rows is very narrow and is not correct. Strawberry growing, its foliage covers the entire passage, making it difficult for a number of the movement. I walked down cling strawberries and terminate them. This is very inconvenient. Second to that I want to draw your attention to the fact that I think I overexposed strawberries in the greenhouse, and she went into the leaves and not in the berry. I need to have 3.2 weeks ago to open pediments. Now you will see it. This variety of strawberry is remotantnym ie fruit 3-4 times per season. By this, I expect the next harvest after flowering. I'm in the area is growing two varieties of strawberries is Florin (Flora) and Aromos. Florine has large fruit with dessert flavor. I am very upset that I was deceived by purchasing seedlings strawberries, but to my delight I sold it the sort of what I wanted. In the variety Aromos smaller fruit with strawberry flavor. My supplier with a grade Aromos deceived me by selling my opinion, shrubs aged 3-4 years. According to them this fruit into smaller ones. By this, I'll take these shrubs with a mustache, who planted the next year in their area. My beds are covered with black mulch film is moisture and not agro fiber. Negative film in that it is moisture inside, and the fiber passes. Watering strawberries in June, I suggest one every 3 days, 300 ml under every bush. My strawberry growing in the ground 2 months and we have already collected 6-7 pounds of berries. Why are not you ask? Because the first flowers and strawberries mustache, I completely broke, giving root bush. So today I gathered here is such a box strawberries. Strawberry is very tasty, flavorful and very appetizing. Until next time.

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